Android Studio project structure

By shaikhmo
In November 13, 2015

Project Structure

The basic build files above expects a default folder structure. Gradle follows the concept of convention over configuration, providing sensible default option values when possible. The basic project starts with two components called “source sets”, one for the main source code and one for the test code. These live respectively in:
  • src/main/
  • src/androidTest/
Inside each of these directories there are subdirectories for each source component. For both the Java and Android plugin, the location of the Java source code and the Java resources are:

  • java/
  • resources/
For the Android plugin, extra files and folders specific to Android:

  • AndroidManifest.xml
  • res/
  • assets/
  • aidl/
  • rs/
  • jni/
  • jniLibs/
This means that *.java files for the main source set are located in src/main/java and the main manifest is src/main/AndroidManifest.xml

Note: src/androidTest/AndroidManifest.xml is not needed as it is created automatically.

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